Health Care team

If you have Gaucher disease you will need close monitoring over many years as the way your disease develops is unique to you. You may need to go to the specialist treatment centre every 6-12 months to have tests and to see how you benefit from therapy. Other tests, such as MRI scans, may only be needed once every 1-2 years. Even if you are not having any problems at the moment you will still need regular check-ups to make sure that you keep as healthy as possible in the future.

As your Gaucher disease may affect many parts of your body, you may be cared for by a large team of different doctors and nurses who will be involved at different times. Usually one specialist doctor will co-ordinate your care across the different specialists. These specialists have got different names such as:

  • Hematologists to treat blood and bone marrow diseases
  • Internists/General physicians to evaluate internal organ function
  • Pediatricians treat children and young people
  • Orthopedic surgeons to evaluate growth and skeletal function
  • Rheumatologists to help manage joint pain/problems
  • Gastroenterologists to evaluate the functioning of the digestive system
  • Radiologists to perform scanning tests
  • Geneticists for genetic testing
  • Neurologists for nervous system disorders
  • Psychiatrists/Phycologists for mental health issues